Ms. Elmore's 7th Grade Language Arts

Beta Club

Members must maintain a 3.0 minimum GPA.

Description of Officer Positions

  • President: leads Beta Club meetings and induction ceremonies
  • Vice President: leads when the president is absent; has a speaking role in induction ceremonies
  • Secretary: keeps track of club attendance and is encouraged to produce a monthly Beta Club newsletter; has a speaking role in induction ceremonies
  • Treasurer: leads fundraising activities; has a speaking role in induction ceremonies


Leadership: Beta Club members are to be leaders inside the classroom, on the court, and in the hallways. They are to be exceptional students and good examples.
Social:Beta Club members come together to have fun with others who achieve at their elite academic level. Last year’s group planned several parties and a singing contest.
Service :Beta Club is responsible for organizing and carrying out service projects that benefit the school. Possible projects could be canned food drives, school supply drives, baking cookies for the support staff, cleaning teacher’s classrooms, cleaning up the school etc.
Fundraising:Whenever it is approved, you will be called upon to participate in fundraising activities to raise money for the club. Raising money is vital to keeping the club active and looking sharp.
Additional Information: The National Junior Beta Club

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  1. Jamarah says:

    Kool Website…..

  2. Kimia Cole says:

    I Lykes Dhat >!!!!<

  3. PinkyMB says:

    I hope i get to become President of the Beta Club again……………. THAT WOULD BE JUST NICE!!!!!!!

  4. Catherine says:

    Like website ^_^

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