Ms. Elmore's 7th Grade Language Arts

About Me

Where I’m From – Ms. Elmore

I am from gumballs (from red mud and hot Southern air and Roll Tide!)

I am from the silver highway sliding past our house (groaning, the cars passed by)

I am from men with ocean eyes and sunshine hair (and the dark-eyed women who put up with them)

I am from R. Elmore and S. Earnest (skilled artists and careful collectors)

I am from broken cars (and elegant toothpick holders)

I am from the night my grandfather taught me ballroom dancing (from Laugh Hard and Find Something to Do)

I am from the tackle box buried in my closet (when I unearth it next time, I’ll see pieces of my past again)

I am from the path behind Erin’s house (and the “Indian” trail behind mine)

I am from a Cherokee dreamstone (from the idea that it really was a map I could follow)

I am from wanderers, soldiers, and home-makers (from people who get lost and get found over and over again)


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  1. Charion says:

    wow 🙂

  2. dewaynemanning says:


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